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Augusto Pinochet, dicatator of Chile, stepped down in 1990 after losing an election.

Violence and Votes: When Dictators Lose Elections

April 10, 2018

This is the third post in a five-part, weekly series on elections in dictatorships. Visit our CoupCast site for information about our REIGN database and previous commentary on coups d’état.

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UN peacekeeper on patrol, part of missions to protect from violence against civilians

Peace Enforcement and the Geography of Rebel Violence Against Civilians

To determine where United Nations funds are best used to protect civilians, we must understand where violence most frequently occurs within a conflict zone.
a man waves an Egyptian flag after the new election

Violence and Votes: Are Noncompetitive Elections in Dictatorships Worth the Risk?

This is the second post in a five-part, weekly series on elections in dictatorships.

Accountability for Sexual Exploitation and Abuse: Making Peacekeeping More Effective

Sexual exploitation and abuse flourish in situations of protracted conflict and post-conflict settings, even by those tasked to protect. UN Peacekeeping operations have come under fire of repeated reports of sexual misconduct- yet the UN has done little to hold them accountable. Our final post in the UN Peacekeeping series explores why, and recommends steps the UN can take. 

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Forecasting Coup


The CoupCast project, led by Curtis Bell, uses historical data and machine learning to predict the likelihood of a coup attempt occurring in any country on a month to month basis.  Read more.


Terrorist Social Services Data Set

Terrorist and Insurgent Organization Social Services (TIOS)

TIOS gives researchers and practitioners the opportunity to better understand conflicts and their outcomes when terrorists, rebels, and insurgents provide social services to theirs supporters.  Read more.

Irregular Elections Dataset

Rulers, Elections, and Irregular Governance (REIGN)

REIGN describes political conditions in every country each and every month. The dataset is updated monthly to reflect the most recent political events and changes in leadership.  Read more.

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