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Political Conflict

Countering Violent Conflict: Peacekeeping in the Democratic Republic of Congo

February 21, 2018

In November 2012, troops from the M23 rebel group marched into the city of Goma, in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. The UN gave peacekeepers the mandate to take more offensive action to protect civilians. Within weeks the most powerful rebel group in the area had fallen apart and fled the country, and a new, more aggressive model of peacekeeping was ushered in. This model has the potential to shrink the areas where rebel groups like M23 commit violence against civilians.

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244 Million on the Move and Counting: Five Ways to Understand the Dynamics of Migration

Mixed migration takes many forms, including climate- or conflict-induced displacement, economic migration, asylum-seeking, forced labor, smuggling, or human trafficking. This is the first of five blog posts looking at mixed migration from different governance angles. 

Legitimacy, Rationality, and the Danger of Social Media for Peaceful Societies

Legitimacy and trust in government are important for peace. But what happens when this trust erodes? People’s perceptions are not always based on rational criteria. We are ripe for manipulation regardless of what kind of political system we live under.

Featured Activity

Forecasting Coup


The CoupCast project, led by Curtis Bell, uses historical data and machine learning to predict the likelihood of a coup attempt occurring in any country on a month to month basis.  Read more.


Terrorist Social Services Data Set

Terrorist and Insurgent Organization Social Services (TIOS)

TIOS gives researchers and practitioners the opportunity to better understand conflicts and their outcomes when terrorists, rebels, and insurgents provide social services to theirs supporters.  Read more.

Irregular Elections Dataset

Rulers, Elections, and Irregular Governance (REIGN)

REIGN describes political conditions in every country each and every month. The dataset is updated monthly to reflect the most recent political events and changes in leadership.  Read more.

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