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Capturing Narco Subs

January 12, 2018

Five Ways Poor Maritime Security Fuels Rebels, Terrorists, and Criminal Networks

Stable Seas, Political Conflict

Rebel groups, transnational criminal networks, and terrorist organizations exploit poor maritime governance to undermine political stability around the world.

January 10, 2018

Why Do People Choose to Rebel?

Good Governance, Political Conflict

Answering the question of why people rebel is central to understanding civil war. Research shows that civil wars and rebellion are neither driven by ancient hatreds between ethnic groups nor simply by opportunistic greed. 

January 10, 2018

Attempted Coup in Equatorial Guinea?


Corrupt control over Equatorial Guinea’s globally significant oil deposits by the ruling elite has been a defining feature of the politics in one of Africa’s wealthiest countries

Peace has Women's Face

December 29, 2017

Fighting for a New Cause: FARC’s Women and the Battle for Gender Equality in Colombia

Gender & Security

How will the FARC women fit into the very socioeconomic structure they have been fighting against for more than five decades?

Honduras Election Aftermath

December 28, 2017

International Elections and Leaders: January 2018 Update

REIGN DATASET: International Elections and Leaders

The final month of 2017 brought notable political developments to nearly every region. Elections will bring new political parties to power in Chile and Nepal.

December 12, 2017

Governance's Relationship Between State and Society

Good governance can thwart the conditions that give rise to armed conflict and provide the tools needed to mitigate disputes before they degenerate into war. The challenge of preventing war depends upon the strength of institutions and governance. If the capacities and qualities of governance can be improved, a better and more peaceful future awaits.

December 12, 2017

Taming the Wild West: How Better Governance Leads to Peace

Good Governance

Something happened in the American West over the past 200 years, part of a global trend. It used to be that when there were tensions between locals here—disagreements over water use, or mineral rights, or just feuds that went back and forth between families—eventually someone would be killed.

December 12, 2017

Governance for Peace

Good Governance

Governance systems that contribute to stable peace are characterized by having inclusive means of operating, participatory systems that bring the governed into the process of decision making, systems for accountability that ensure transparent and equitable operations, and enough systemic capacity that they are able to provide physical security and public goods supporting human development.