Terrorist and Insurgent Organization Social Services (TIOS) Dataset V2


TIOS Dataset Authors:  Lindsay L. Heger, Danielle F. Jung

A growing body of literature points to the importance of service provision by violent groups. Much of the evidence relies on detailed, small-n examples of large, well-known, and influential terrorist groups (e.g., Hamas). Here, we introduce a new dataset on a more representative sample of terrorist and insurgent organizations’ service provision: Terrorist and Insurgent Organizations’ Service Provision (TIOS) across time (2.0). TIOS 2.0 data includes indicators of types and relative concentrations of services provided for approximately 400 organizations across more than four decades (1969–2013). This enables a unique view for researchers into the generalizability of and aggregate trends in services by groups and countries and across time. We demonstrate how these data can be aggregated to approach different research questions and how the data can be used to characterize the state of service provision by non-state actors. We also show the relationship between TIOS 2.0 data and group lethality, a relationship documented many places in related literature.

Key Outputs:

  • Covers more than 400 organizations
  • Coverage years 1969-2013
  • Presents indicators for major service sectors: education, health security, welfare, natural disaster response, public services, and religious services
  • Is available as weighted indicators or ranked measures


Download TIOS V2 Data (CSV)
Download TIOS V2 Data (DTA)
Download TIOS V2 Report and Codebook

References:  Heger, Lindsay L. and Danielle F. Jung (2015) Negotiating with Rebels: The Effect of Rebel Service Provision on Conflict Negotiations. Journal of Conflict Resolution. Published online first.