Financing the Negotiation of Community Agreements to Facilitate Sustainable Benefits from Mining

Event Date: 02/27/2015

A roundtable workshop was hosted by the One Earth Future Foundation (OEF), in collaboration with the Ateneo School of Government and Puno and Puno Law Offices to provide strategic research support for developing the RTC Impact Fund.

The vision of the RTC Impact Fund (RTC-IF) is grounded in the reality that the exclusion or ineffective representation of communities in development decisions is a source of social conflicts around mining projects, particularly in the developing world. While the importance of a “social license” is increasingly recognized, a critical challenge remains of providing communities access to early stage capital to finance the legal, technical, and other services they need to asst their interests, negotiate a better deal, and establish appropriate mechanisms to receive and sustainably manage economic benefits.

Rather than relying on limited government funds, companies, or aid agencies, RTC-IF is working with social impact investors to raise grant funds and to establish an investment-based funding stream to finance communities wishing to independently acquire or retain the legal, financial, and technical tools to negotiate and advance sustainable development goals.

With OEF support, RTC-IF has undertaken relevant research and initial consultations with a broad range of stakeholders in the Philippines and elsewhere.