Role of the Private Sector in Preventing Mass Atrocities: A Panel Discussion

The private sector's role in preventing atrocities
Event Address: 1777 F. Street NW Washington, DC 20006 United States
Event Date: 06/23/2014

Mass AtrocitiesOne Earth Future hosted a presentation and panel discussion tracking the role of the private sector in Kenya in preventing election-related violence in 2013, and the lessons this generates for the role of the private sector in the prevention of mass atrocities. This event focused on the recently released OEF Research report “The Role of Kenya’s Private Sector in Peace Building: The Case of the 2013 Election Cycle” authored by Dr. Victor Owuor and Dr. Scott Wiser.  This report is based on a series of interviews with private sector leaders in Kenya, and suggests that the Kenyan business community was key to facilitating peaceful elections in 2013.

A panel of experts engaged with the question of what role the private sector may have in atrocity prevention and supporting the Responsibility to Protect, and include

Dr. Victor Owuor, lead author of the OEF Research report

Dr. John Forrer, Associate Director of the Institute for Corporate Responsibility at George Washington University

Lee Sorensen, Director of One Earth Future's Responsibility to Protect and Business Program

Dr. Raymond Gilpin, Academic Dean of the Africa Center for Strategic Studies

Tina Jiwon Park, Executive Director of the Canadian Center for the Responsibility to Protect

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