Conversations on Conflict: Possibilities for the 21st Century

Conversations on Conflict

One Earth Future hosted a conversation in late 2014 with members of the community in Denver, Colorado. This conversation brought together leaders with a range of perspectives to explore the possibilities for reducing and eliminating armed conflict in the 21st century. The full video is now available on our YouTube channel, along with shorter sound bites from the event.

This Discussion on Conflict Was Led By:

Ambassador Charles Stith, former U.S. Ambassador to Tanzania, director of the African Presidential Archives and Research Center, and founder of Organization for a New Equality (O.N.E.)

Sanam Anderlini, international advocate, researcher, trainer, and writer on conflict prevention and peacebuilding, co-founder of International Civil Society Action Network, former director of Women Waging Peace Policy Commission

Joshua Goldstein, interdisciplinary scholar of war, peace, and international relations, UMass Amherst scholar, and author of award-winning books including Winning the War on War: The Decline of Armed Conflict Worldwide

Steven Pinker, one of the world's foremost writers on language, mind, and human nature, Harvard College professor and author of the New York Times bestseller The Angels of Our Better Nature: Why Violence Has Declined.

Ambassador Swanee Hunt, Eleanor Roosevelt Lecturer in Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School of Government, chair of the Institute for Inclusive Security, and president of Hunts Alternative Fund