New Report on the Global Fragility Act Seeks Reader Feedback

Global Fragility Act - Peace Building

OEF Research has partnered with Alliance for Peacebuilding to develop a research report examining how to improve the implementation of the Global Fragility Act.

Signed in late 2019 as a part of the consolidated budget deal, the Global Fragility Act is the most ambitious attempt in a decade to improve how the US government approaches stabilization and fragility support internationally. It requires the State Department, the Department of Defense, and USAID to work together to develop a coordinated strategy to support states at risk of fragility or experiencing conflict internationally, and establishes new funding to support this.

Alliance for Peacebuilding, with Mercy Corps, has been leading a community of NGOs operating in support of the passage of the bill. With the passage of the GFA, the focus turns to the implementation of the Act. This report is a working paper that distills the results of numerous consultations and direct engagements with stakeholders into a set of recommendations for how to improve the implementation of the GFA.

The report is currently available in draft form to solicit feedback, with the goal of producing a final report later this year.

To read the full report and instructions on how to provide feedback, click here.