OEF co-hosts event at American University in Washington, D.C

OEF Fellow, Amitav Acharyawill co-host an academic conference with OEF at American University October 3-5, 2013 asking the question: “Why Govern?”  Most literature on global governance today focuses on the supply-side — or how existing international and regional institutions can be made more responsive. This project focuses on the demand side of global governance looking specifically at the strategic, functional, and normative logic behind global governance. This conference asks the question of why states and non-state actors are interested in forming or participating in international governing institutions, and what this means for the future of global governance.

The aim of this conference is to develop an edited volume, as well as a policy-focused report covering the theoretical and empirical discussions engaging with questions of the strategic, functional, and normative logic of global governance. Research Associate, Eamon Aloyo will be presenting his paper, “Demand for Global Governance, Spheres of Authority and Types of Power.” Associate Director of Research, Conor Seyle  will co-host the event.  

Follow us on twitter at @Research_OEF for live tweets of the event on Thursday, October 4 and Friday, October 5th.