Stable Seas Report Presented at State of Maritime Piracy Launch

Somaliland coast guard safety first
Left: Somaliland Coast Guard. Right: Berbera harbor. Photos by Jean-Pierre Larroque, OEF
Event Location: United Kingdom Chamber of Shipping, London
Event Date: 05/03/2017

On May 3, Senior Research Associate Curtis Bell presents Stable Seas: Somali Waters at the UK Chamber of Shipping in London. This report—a collaborative effort between OEF Research and other OEF programs Oceans Beyond Piracy and Secure Fisheries—emphasizes that Somali maritime security is not just about piracy, but reflects a complicated web of issues at sea and on shore.

The findings will be discussed by representatives from governments, militaries, and the global shipping industry at the launch of Oceans Beyond Piracy's annual State of Maritime Piracy report.